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Anchor Society Clean Living - Messy Minds

We are a community of un-like minded individuals that have a common passion for recovery.


You see, we don't believe in being like everybody else. Sure, you will catch us saying the slogans just as much as any old-timer. Where we differ is that we want to promote the message in non-traditional formats, imagery and words. We want people to hear the message, without knowing they are hearing the message (well most of the time). Other times, are loud and in their face with the message. Either way, we are sober, clean or clean & sober. We believe fully in promoting a lifestyle of emotional and spiritual sobriety. You are invited to trudge this road of sometimes happy and sometimes unhappy destiny with us. The Anchor Society will be specializing in recovery and sobriety inspired clothing, accessories and home goods.

Clean Living Messy Minds Sobriety and Recovery

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